SIT/LIT is designed with simple elements, which when assembled, allows for an effortless montage. It is simultaneously a module of a concatenated system that allows multiple spatial arrangements.

SIT/LIT consists of two stainless steel shoulders, with a chrome finish, horizontally connected to each other by tubular bars also made of steel. The seat and back are made of rubber, a translucent cast material which was specifically chosen to impart comfort and ergonomics. The outer sides of the seat are cladded in marbled salt, artificially created with sea salt and natural pigments. The connection between the modules is entrusted to a ball hinge made of chrome-plated steel creating a horizontal rotation movement.

W61  D54  H71 cm | H seat 43 cm

Each piece is numbered as part of a limited collection of 72 pieces. Every seat will have a different declination of marbled salt color + neutral white.