SMILE is a framed wall mirror realized with colored glass plates that intersect orthogonally in an interplay of transparencies and reflections. The glass plates overlap each other creating a dynamic three-dimensional effect and new color combinations from every angle. 85 x 150 x 10cm Customized dimensions on request. Images are used for illustrative purposes only. […]


FEBE candles is a series of rectangular-shaped natural stone candleholders, available in 4 sizes. The travertine base, with its irregular surface, supports a precious lampshade in polished onyx, which glows in the light of the burning flame. With a view to reuse and optimisation of production cycles, each material combination is available in a limited […]


SIT/LIT is designed with simple elements, which when assembled, allows for an effortless montage. It is simultaneously a module of a concatenated system that allows multiple spatial arrangements. SIT/LIT consists of two stainless steel shoulders, with a chrome finish, horizontally connected to each other by tubular bars also made of steel. The seat and back […]


Paddle is a consolle consisting of three marble paddles arranged orthogonally along three Cartesian axes. The streamlined shapes contrast with the materiality of the marble. The elements that compose it seem to barely touch, caught in the balance of a unique and unrepeatable instant. L 234 x P55 x h75 Each piece is numbered as […]